Counseling with the Competencies Passport

What distinguishes the Passport from other instruments that also deal with determining one’s competences is the concision of the process by which they are defined and valued. Work with the Competencies Passport is based on the completion of the Passport map with guidance of a certified counselor. The map consists of eight fields: education, further training, professional life and experience, household and family, hobbies and interests, military service/civilian military service, political and/or social engagement, special life circumstances.
Counseling is biographical in character, done through a series of conversations and self-evaluation; the counseled person has the opportunity to define and evaluate their skills with the support of the counselor, to look at their professional and private priorities and goals and to devise a plan of further action.
The result of the process is a valid competency certificate. What is most valuable in this process is that it increases self-confidence and brings awareness of one’s own values and potentials.